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  1. Mathias Fate

    Mathias Fate14 tuntia sitten

    Behzinga looks *Thicc* here

  2. Hadrian Wong

    Hadrian Wong14 tuntia sitten

    Get true geordie narrating you having sex

  3. Crazy_ Egyptian

    Crazy_ Egyptian14 tuntia sitten

    “JJ on knee high socks”🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  4. daniodipsaus dw2018

    daniodipsaus dw201814 tuntia sitten

    13:14 the girl with braces from finding nemo...

  5. gao de

    gao de14 tuntia sitten

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  6. Vaygun Gamer

    Vaygun Gamer14 tuntia sitten

    Are the sidemen gay?

  7. Owen .b.

    Owen .b.14 tuntia sitten

    My narrator would be that guy from boxing who says “let’s get ready to rumble”

  8. Bilyan Petrov

    Bilyan Petrov14 tuntia sitten

    When it comes to beating a fictional character no one's more fitting than Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

  9. Harvey Ward

    Harvey Ward14 tuntia sitten


  10. L

    L14 tuntia sitten

    Why would Simon beat up zenitsu 😂

  11. Jade Percival

    Jade Percival14 tuntia sitten

    not ethan and harry's david attenborough + morgan freeman impressions 😭😭😭


    AVOCADOMOUNTAIN14 tuntia sitten

    which fictional character would you love to beat the shit out of ? every normal person : General Shepherd

  13. AlexD

    AlexD14 tuntia sitten

    The majority of people fall in love so we’d wipe out the human race Oh well fuck it, dogs are better than humans

  14. micahftw

    micahftw14 tuntia sitten

    The cloud sounds like connoreatspants

  15. aurelia

    aurelia14 tuntia sitten

    The second question ~ JJs song is called (Flash Gordon) by Queen.

  16. Victor Hendrix

    Victor Hendrix14 tuntia sitten

    Am i the only one who thinks Tommy isn’t funny?

  17. Ritik Tandon

    Ritik Tandon14 tuntia sitten

    2:33 im crying😭

  18. MNT Kiyoomi

    MNT Kiyoomi14 tuntia sitten

    If JJ fought Phil, Phil could've just pulled the glasses

  19. Hazza’s Mobile Games

    Hazza’s Mobile Games14 tuntia sitten

    Stick West Ham bottom didn’t age well

  20. Maebh Mimnagh

    Maebh Mimnagh14 tuntia sitten

    At 23:38 did anyone notice in ksi’s wallet A picture of Tommy's mum😂

  21. The ARK Official

    The ARK Official14 tuntia sitten

    What song is jj talking about ?

  22. Zyloi

    Zyloi14 tuntia sitten

    When Vik said “THIS GUY FUCKS” I died 😂

  23. YUSEF

    YUSEF14 tuntia sitten

    17:03 wholesome moment

  24. rishi rathnam

    rishi rathnam14 tuntia sitten

    why does it say MoreSidemen has 5 mil on the intro, dude they have 4.87 mil

  25. Xkatiem

    Xkatiem14 tuntia sitten

    Love how the editors forced to keep Tommy’s music

  26. iiNexXxusヅ

    iiNexXxusヅ14 tuntia sitten

    wdym Simon, Zenitsu is badass

  27. Shalom Jackie

    Shalom Jackie14 tuntia sitten

    7:42 best moment of the video by far

  28. NRG Echo

    NRG Echo14 tuntia sitten

    Tobi is a god

  29. Nathan Holt

    Nathan Holt14 tuntia sitten

    Id just kill dogs anyway. Makes it easier.

  30. Kia Phoenix

    Kia Phoenix14 tuntia sitten

    Is it just me or has anyone else realised the admin card walet

  31. Niamh Stenning

    Niamh Stenning14 tuntia sitten

    With the endless supply of something I would have money, not just because it would allow me to experience life in ways you wouldn’t be able if I didn’t have money but I would also donate lots of it to all the charities as it could help evolve our understanding.

  32. Allow Bot

    Allow Bot14 tuntia sitten

    Tommy this kid is annoying

  33. Abdulrahman Al Zaidi

    Abdulrahman Al Zaidi14 tuntia sitten

    This content isn't really safe for children and you guys have a lot of young audiences, you're setting a very bad example for them. Try to tone it down, guys.

  34. Doctor Alakazam

    Doctor Alakazam14 tuntia sitten

    The song JJ is talking about is Flash by Queen

  35. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty14 tuntia sitten

    Sidemen play Minecraft: Speedrunner vs Hunters, where Vikk is the speed runner and everyone else is a hunter

  36. FFF

    FFF14 tuntia sitten

    Tommyinnit is so annoying

  37. NR Films

    NR Films14 tuntia sitten

    Let's see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Current: 115

  38. Shaun Games

    Shaun Games14 tuntia sitten

    Why is Ethan wearing Leeds kit

  39. hi just a random guy

    hi just a random guy14 tuntia sitten

    6:07 I'll get Stephen tries xD

  40. Manuel Afful

    Manuel Afful15 tuntia sitten

    Lazar beams outro the best Fortnite outro

  41. Xtreme Fortnite

    Xtreme Fortnite15 tuntia sitten

    If I could, I would give KSI an endless supply of video ideas. He really needs it.

  42. NR Films

    NR Films15 tuntia sitten

    Can I edit a video for you?

  43. Burger Muncher

    Burger Muncher15 tuntia sitten

    POV: customname is top comment of literally every sidemen video

  44. Zach Moritz

    Zach Moritz15 tuntia sitten

    7:42 #stopjjabuse

  45. David Kim

    David Kim15 tuntia sitten

    3:34 the interstellar soundtrack is miles better than inception's

  46. NR Films

    NR Films15 tuntia sitten

    2:16 you sure he's not dead?

  47. ILRU-

    ILRU-15 tuntia sitten

    I don't like Minimeter no more cuz he'd kill my boy Zenitsu from Demon Slayer

  48. Here2pac

    Here2pac15 tuntia sitten

    AYO TOBI WANNA BEAT UP A KID?!?!? Rip sid 2021

  49. Soumya Rawat

    Soumya Rawat15 tuntia sitten

    Can we all talk about the fact that they didn’t include the questions shown on the thumbnail

  50. Craig Drury

    Craig Drury15 tuntia sitten

    I just spent 20 minutes watching this shit

  51. Alex Douglas

    Alex Douglas15 tuntia sitten

    my song would be halo

  52. No Name_77

    No Name_7715 tuntia sitten

    My song would be the undertaker main theme

  53. TraeggerQ8

    TraeggerQ815 tuntia sitten

    yoo tubo smart

  54. luqman rehman

    luqman rehman15 tuntia sitten

    tobi won

  55. Tevis Thomas

    Tevis Thomas15 tuntia sitten

    How could Simon say Zenitsu :( My boy is GOATED

  56. Louis Ball

    Louis Ball15 tuntia sitten

    My play by play person would be Gilbert Godfrey

  57. Dripron_

    Dripron_15 tuntia sitten

    My song would be Candy Shop 50cent haha

  58. Jay-Von

    Jay-Von15 tuntia sitten

    harry man... 17:00

  59. A- X

    A- X15 tuntia sitten

    None of them look their age, not even josh

  60. Noah Stendal

    Noah Stendal15 tuntia sitten

    My song would prolly be that one song that goes "here comes the sun dududu" or smthn like that

  61. Twist my Nips

    Twist my Nips15 tuntia sitten

    Mine would be the universal theme song

  62. Sxnts

    Sxnts15 tuntia sitten


  63. lottie stethridge

    lottie stethridge15 tuntia sitten

    if Ethan watched his parents have sex then at lease he'd know who is dad is. : )

  64. mayrln

    mayrln15 tuntia sitten

    tommy is well annoying tbf. cant be bothered to see him put on this big balls character. no hate but he's kinda off putting.

  65. Ameen Khan

    Ameen Khan15 tuntia sitten

    See how they didn't feature tobi in this vid? that's cuz most of his money goes to charity and his family, don't forget he has his own merchandise too

  66. Vollid RL

    Vollid RL15 tuntia sitten

    Tommy’s. Funny but a fucking prick at the same time


    THE HUSTLER15 tuntia sitten

    Simone wants to beat up Zenitsu?? prolly didnt see thunderclap and flash sixfold

  68. EntityX

    EntityX15 tuntia sitten

    My song would be Giorno's theme. Specifically the part at 3:45

  69. Emily Wells

    Emily Wells15 tuntia sitten

    I felt well bad for ethan but at the same time i couldnt look because he was throwing up same applys for tobi i felt bad when he threw up but at the same time i couldnt watch it 🤢

  70. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama15 tuntia sitten

    Forget these lot do it with chunkz Niko and fully or Harry it woudl be jokes

  71. av cerus

    av cerus15 tuntia sitten

    Anyone who watched tower of god would immediately without hesitation pick Rachel for the question of beating up a fictional character

  72. av cerus

    av cerus15 tuntia sitten

    13:20 Rachel(tower of god)(garbage) or Darkness(konosuba)(she into it so why not)

  73. Nishal Ahmed

    Nishal Ahmed15 tuntia sitten

    my mates after playing among us for a long time..

  74. bing bong

    bing bong15 tuntia sitten


  75. Malak

    Malak15 tuntia sitten

    whenver i watch the sidemen i’m always subconsciously smiling and it’s not until the end of the video that i realize i was smiling throughout the whole vid

  76. Paolo Cerchiari

    Paolo Cerchiari15 tuntia sitten

    These guys eat meat probably daily, and then would be Hitler instead of killing dogs, this sad as fuck man...

  77. Jaylan Suarez

    Jaylan Suarez15 tuntia sitten

    25:34 when josh makes the other guy fall off and ksi is hyping him up so madd

  78. Thomas Turpin

    Thomas Turpin15 tuntia sitten

    I'd have Joe Rogan commentating my play by play 🤣

  79. Baraa Siam

    Baraa Siam15 tuntia sitten

    Gabi from attack on titan 😂

  80. Xenn._B3N ._

    Xenn._B3N ._15 tuntia sitten

    akuma akuma vikstar will groom ya